MyProtecta all in one IP Security Camera




MyProtecta IP Security Camera for Home and office

 The MyProtecta IP Security Camera Features:

-The MyProtecta IP Security Camera has Two antennas providing a reliable Wi-Fi connection
– Integrated strobe light and a 100db siren
– Two way audio and 30m night vision
– View anywhere and anytime through the app
– Multiple recording options – local (up to 128gb MicroSD), cloud or NVR
– IP66 weather proof design

  • Your most vigilant guard – Want to keep a close eye on your home while you are away? Leave the MyProtecta All in one home IP Camera in charge to notify you if you have any visitors, wanted or unwanted!!
  • Full HD Outdoor mounted WI-FI camera uses a built in strobe light and alarm for deterence while also offering two way talk and durablility in any type of weather.
  • Active light and sound alarms for enchanced defence – upon detection of an intruder the MyProtecta activates a loud siren and strobe light to scare off intruders. The siren can reach up to 100dB.
  • Seeing everything with 30 m Night vision – intergration of efficient infrared lighting, an anti reflection panel and ICR infrared filter enables excellent night vision up to 30 metres.
  • External powerful antennaes, the MyProtecta delivers long range transmission with strong penetration and anti-interference capabilties.
  • Designed for all weather – The IP66 certified MyProtecta is a reliable and durable camera that can protect you in any type of weather – rain, sunshine or even snow.
  • 360 degree swivel and base, the MyProtecta supports both ceiling and wall mounted installations.
  • Multiple storage options – you can choose where to store your recordings. Save to 3 locations at the same time for added backup.
  • Security at your fingertips – Download the mobile app, you can capture,save, protect what is valuable to you. – Live view, Audio Receptor, Instant alerts, Video history, up to 8x Zoom, Smart home enabled