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Comprehensive Telephone Recording Solutions 

Contact us today to discuss your requirements for a cost effective telephone logging solution. Analogue, IP, Digital, PRI, BRI integrated recording systems.

  • Once off purchase – no annual licence fees
  • Recording solutions are stackable for expansion
  • Encryption of calls is available if required
  • Easy installation
  • Ongoing online support
Complete solutions for small businesses to large enterprises. Please see a few of our products listed below
Desktop digital call recorder
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VOIP recorder
Desktop VOIP Recorder

Excluding Delivery

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SIP Recording
Phonetalk IP SIP Recording Software

SIP Recording software Phonetalk IP SIP recording software records IP Phones and SIP lines/Trunks. Connected to your Telecoms IP network (phone or line side) all calls are recorded. This is a Voice Over IP (VOIP) call recording software which is … Read More

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Phone logger
Phone Logger for Direct lines/extensions – includes software

Phone logger – Multi line for Telephone Systems & IP Telephones USB phone logger available as follows: Phonetalk 2 port USB Voice Logger 2 Analogue/Digital lines Phonetalk 4 port USB Voice Logger 4 Analogue/Digital lines Phonetalk 8 port USB Voice … Read More

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ISDN Recorder
ISDN Recorder – BRI/PRI

ISDN Recorder Stackable ISDN recorder (Basic Rate or Primary Rate E1/T1) BRI PRI. Trunk side recording recording all calls and via SMDR integration associates these with departments and extensions. Providing a simple and affordable solution. Supplied with Recording software which … Read More

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analogue call tracker
Analogue Call Tracker 2-4-8

Analogue Call Tracker A complete stand alone call recording solution, analogue Call Tracker 2 -4 -8 does not require a host PC and installation is simple. Call Tracker connects directly to your phone lines and writes information away to it’s … Read More

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Analogue Call Tracker Plus
Analogue Call Tracker Plus 8-16-24-32

Analogue Call Tracker Plus Rack mounted analogue Call Tracker Plus is the larger version of the Call Tracker 2-4-8. Can record up to 32 lines. Can be used at a single location or be part of a central multi-site application. … Read More

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digital call recorder
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