Phone Logger for Direct lines/extensions – includes software



Phone logger – Multi line for Telephone Systems & IP Telephones

USB phone logger available as follows:

  • Phonetalk 2 port USB Voice Logger 2 Analogue/Digital lines
  • Phonetalk 4 port USB Voice Logger 4 Analogue/Digital lines
  • Phonetalk 8 port USB Voice Logger 8 Analogue/Digital lines
  • Phonetalk 16 port USB Voice Logger 16 Analogue/Digital lines

Including user friendly software with many features.


Phonetalk USB Voice logger aims to deliver unique portability and flexibility and functions as the High-migration development tool or small-scale portable system for customers. The Phonetalk USB Voice logger is specially designed for worldwide analog interfaces for its high compatibility with international telephony environments. With terminate interface capacities, it features programmable voltage thresholds, loop polarity reversal and multiple event triggers, and can easily be configured to accommodated to diverse analog networks worldwide. The unit is available in 1, 2,4,8 or 16 line configuration. It is highly recommended that a dedicated PC is used for the recording server.

The voice logger system has the following features:

  1. Multi-line call record
  2. Monitor real-time call of any line
  3. Query any record.
  4. Non-stop record for 24 hours;
  5. All functions can proceed in a real-time way;
  6. Caller ID and dial out number supported;
  7. Automatic gain control of record and play to ensure the volume balance of two speakers.
  8. Password protected Management Control.
  9. The amount of calls made/received is recorded.
  10. Call list can be printed, The call record can be converterd to MP3 or wav format
  11. Can manage client and recording , show the telephone number and client data.
  12. Performance Characteristics

Digital record:

  1. Full digital mode for record and playback, duplex reproduction of the call recorded, hard disk of 1G able to record 175 hours.
  2. Visual interface: 800X600 figure resolution display provided. Detailed display of working mode, operation indication and query result record.
  3. Record mode: record start mode of Voltage and Audio control supported, call receiving of DTMF and FSK modes supported automatically.
  4. Caller ID: The telephone number of the caller is displayed.
  5. Quick search: quick search and print of detailed call record; search and print functions of channel number, call date, phone number, company name.
  6. Print function: print the query result to a local or network printer.
  7. Deleting records: Once designated record space is reached, automatic deletion of the earliest records will take place.
  8. Time record: able to pre-set record time.
  9. Call monitor: immediate monitor of any call line.(Analogue lines)
  10. Parallel operation: record, call record, search and playback at the same time.
  11. Alarm function: key operation, PC and fault with alert and warning.
  12. Network function: management of the equipment with search and playback of record through network ; Internet or LAN.
  13. Safe and reliable: A classified password can be set for management access and confidentiality of all call records. The hardware is very reliable and user friendly.

Recording Mode

There are three recording modes available on the voice logger system for you to select : Voltage, Audio and manual recording. Voltage control: This records the line according to voltage change, e.g. begins when telephone handset is lifted and then ends when the handset is replaced. Audio voice control: This recording mode is selected when connected to any digital or voip telephones utilising Phonetalk’s Digital Adapter.

Automatic or Manual Recording:
The Voice logger gives you the convenient option of automatically recording incoming and outgoing calls. You also can select the manual option to selectively record the conversations at the click of a button.

Technical Parameters

  1. Input: 1-16 channels
  2. Impedance: high impedance >100K ohm
  3. Signal-to-Noise: 50dB
  4. Frequency response: 300Hz to 3400Hz
  5. Digital mode:GSM
  6. Collection speed: 12.5Kbit / 1s, compression ratio is 5
  7. Average search path: 39MS
  8. Power waste: 300W MAX
  9. Celsius: +5 to +40
  10. Humidity: 5{3fa8de4e1cc12d78c54d2d61a55c8e56a26600f8c33a76fac9ce2ba1388d98e1} to 85{3fa8de4e1cc12d78c54d2d61a55c8e56a26600f8c33a76fac9ce2ba1388d98e1}