Phonetalk Handset and Analogue Line Adapter

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Telephone recording handset adapter

The Phonetalk telephone recording Handset Adapter connects to the handset of any digital, Neotel, GSM or IP telephone and this in turn can be connected to any PC via the sound card (Mic in). The Phone recording software has various features including the mirroring of calls for backup purposes. This is ideal when only certain telephones need to be recorded and the number dialed will not be displayed.

The Phonetalk Analogue Line Adapter can be connected to any analogue line or extension and in turn connect direct to a computer sound card, Mic or Line In. The ID, date, time and duration of the recorded call will be captured. The software can be installed on individual users PC’s whereby all calls can be searched by date, time, ID or reference number (manual recording) or saved to customer’s folders whilst mirroring all the users data to a central data base

The Phonetalk sofware and adapters have a manual recording mode whereby the individual information data, eg reference number can be inserted to a recorded call prior to making a call.

No power required.