MS48C (4X12) Karel PABX (Switchboard optional)


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Business telephone system

MS48C business telephone system is the ideal solution for growing companies which are interested in automation & flexibility in the office environment. As an option, MS48C can be equipped with a CLID card which can detect CLID in FSK or DTMF format and supports FSK signalling to display Caller ID on standard extensions. Additionally, it is able to send and receive SMS on standard extensions.

General Information
  • 4-line/12- extension basic capacity
  • Can be equipped with Caller ID Card (Optional)
  • Ergonomic design in plastic cabinet.
  • Expandable to may different configurations with combinations of 2/6,4/12,0/16
  • Expansion boards up to a maximum of 48 ports.
  • More than 100 programmable features including Least Cost Routing (LCR)
  • Flexible numbering plan
  • Easy programming by PC or telephone.
  • Remote programming
  • Rich set of accessories including different feature phones.
  • Polarity reversal and metering pulse detection.
  • Built-in battery backup
  • Built-in fax router
  • Built in PC/Serial Printer interface.
  • Internal Melody generator
  • External music interface.
  • Standard door phone and door opener interface
Add-On Features
  • Auto Attendant & Voice Mail – Automatically transfers the incoming calls to the extensions with the help of pre-recorded messages and allows leaving / receiving messages for all extensions and external callers.
  • NET-CM – Makes communication more efficient and economic by processing call records & giving statistical reports on any PC in the network.
  • NET-CONSOLE (CTI) – Incorporates CTI functions into the PCs in your network. Allows PC users to program and monitor all system parameters and at the same time process their calls via their PCs.
  • GSM Gateway – Cuts down your telephone bills by routing GSM calls to the GSM network.
  • Caller ID Card – Supports FSK & DTMF signalling to detect and FSK signaling to display Caller ID and allows sending and receiving SMS on standard extensions..
  • Feature Phones & Direct Station Select Modules – Special telephone sets and DSS modules which help their users to reach many features of the telephone system easily. ISDN Adaptor – Allows the connection ISDN BRI (T0) lines to MS48S system. All extensions can facilitate from basic ISDN supplementary services.