ISDN Recorder – BRI/PRI



ISDN Recorder

Stackable ISDN recorder (Basic Rate or Primary Rate E1/T1) BRI PRI. Trunk side recording recording all calls and via SMDR integration associates these with departments and extensions. Providing a simple and affordable solution.

Supplied with Recording software which provides a simple and affordable recording solution. The software can be installed on the server or anywhere on the network /LAN to provide comprehensive management reporting.

This system can integrate with Digital, analogue and IP to provide an extensive “one stop” recording solution.

  • Stackable up to 3 units on one host PC
  • Automatic or manual (start, stop, pause, resume) recording
  • Records Caller ID, Number dialled, Time & duration
  • Store and backup to server or anywhere on your network
  • Free Call Manager (BRI) & Reporter Pro (PRI) software
  • Integration of Digital, Analogue, IP and ISDN (BRI)
  • Simple setup
  • Extension and department details via SMDR Integration