FT10 Console


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FT10 Operator’s Console

Main switchboard/ operator console

  • Comfortable usage of many attractive PBX Features such as queuing, automatic calling, forwarding, conference and alarm, by the help of special purpose keys and the display.
  • Stylish and aesthetic phone set designed for operators and users, providing comfortable and effective communication.
  • It facilitates to make selections by 4 x soft menu keys associated with the 2 rows x 20 char. or 4 rows x 20 char. LCD display options.
  • 16 double function, programmable keys with embedded LEDs for monitoring the status of the assigned extensions / lines.
  • 6 special function keys (Menu, park, phonebook, flash, transfer and redial) allowing quick access to the frequently used features.
  • 4 volume control keys (handsfree, volume increase and decrease, mute) are available.
  • Provides comfort and rapid use with the handsfree, handset and headphone options.
  • Incoming, outgoing, missed and answered (only in 4 line version) calls list
  • Displays the name of the caller when called by persons stored in the phonebook
  • Phonebook for storing 100 entries.