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UPS Power Back Up Systems

UPS power back up inverter full unit (modified sinewave)

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Tired of load shedding? Don’t be left in the dark again.

We have a large range of UPS power back up solutions available.

From a home to a large enterprise we have the right UPS to keep your equipment


The advantages of a UPS Power Back Up System

  • Keeps essential equipment running – Wi-Fi Modem, Lights, PC’s, Telephone systems
  • No loss of data
  • Long run time UPS available
  • Modified or Pure Sinewave
  • Seamless switch over
  • Overload and power surge protection

Contact us today for a tailor made quotation based on your specific requirements. Please include the following information:

  • List of equipment you wish to run e.g. TV, Lights, PC etc
  • Length of time you wish to have back up power e.g. 10 mins to shut down or up to 2 hours or more