Eurofone C33B Cordless Handset and Base


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Cordless handsets Eurofone C33B

The Eurofone C33B cordless handsets are DECT and can be expanded.

Additional 4 Handsets (C33h) can be added.

  • Polyphonic Ringer Melodies
  • Backlighted display
  • Hands-free speaker
  • Phone book (50 name and number)
  • Keypad lock
  • Caller display with date and time
  • 10 ringer melodies (5 polyphonic)
  • Handset volume adjustable
  • Selectable flash time


To extend the communication range between the Eurofone C33 Base station and handset, the C33R Range
Extender can be registered to the EUROFONE C33 BASE 4 additional handsets(C33H)can be registered to the
Eurofone C33 base. Build your own DECT multi/telephone system.