BTX300 Professional Conferencing Unit with 2 Wireless Microphones


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Conferencing unit including wireless microphones

Conferencing unit features:

  • Colour: Black
  • 2 Wireless microphones
  • Large base speaker for quality sound
  • Directory: 50 Name and number
  • Full Duplex
  • Dynamic noise reduction
  • Echo cancellation
  • Connectivity: for use on PSTN or PABX via an
    analogue telephone extension.

The X300 professional conferencing unit from BT is a conference unit designed for office professionals and is suitable for up to 8 attendees.

The X300 has a large base speaker for great quality sound in conference rooms and executive offices.

There are also two wireless microphones which would be of benefit if you are sitting around a conference table.

Full duplex technology allows for simultaneous speaking and eliminates distracting drop outs.

Dynamic noise reduction and echo cancellation ensures a crystal-clear interactive audio conversation. Thereby reducing listening fatigue.

The base unit also features some useful functionality with buttons for calls list, phone book, redial, mute, menu, cancel and volume. Light status indicators are green during call, red when on mute or flashing green when there is an incoming call. There are also light status indicators on the wireless mics when both on and off the base unit.

You can store up to 50 names and numbers in the conference units directory. You can also copy up to ten phonebook entries to your speed dial locations.

The X300 professional conferencing unit supports caller display (type1) service so if you subscribe to caller display, information about each caller will show after the first or second ring.

The calls list stores the last 50 entries. With caller display you can view an dial from the calls list. If an incoming call has been missed (ie. not answered) a missed call notification will be displayed on the idle screen.

  • Feel as though the caller is in the room with great sound quality from the large base speaker
  • Full duplex means you can enjoy a normal conversation with simultaneous speaking at both ends of the call
  • Dynamic noise reduction and echo cancellation for crystal clear calls
  • For small groups, simply leave the microphones in the base. For larger groups (up to 8) just space out the wireless microphones across the meeting table