Analogue Call Tracker Plus 8-16-24-32



Analogue Call Tracker Plus

Rack mounted analogue Call Tracker Plus is the larger version of the Call Tracker 2-4-8. Can record up to 32 lines. Can be used at a single location or be part of a central multi-site application.

This system is expandable up to 32 lines and can be set to record a combination of lines, extensions or radio channels.

Fully PABX compatible SMDI integration and connection to your network enables delivery of detailed reporting when using Web Services. This includes daily, weekly & monthly reports by email, real time monitoring, cloud storage, detailed reports and much more.


  • Cost effective
  • Easy installation – no complex network setup
  • Records calls automatically or manually (stop, start, pause, resume)
  • Add comments and notes
  • Calls stores locally or on a network server / PC